Frank Beurskens


At the moment Frank is ensemble and understudy Le Fou in the musical Beauty and the Beast Produced by Stage-entertainment in the Netherlands.

Bjorn Nabbe


At the moment Bjorn is a Parade Dancer & Character Performer in Disneyland Resort Paris, France.

Nick Fleuren


Most recently Nick was ensemble in the musical Annie

Marlon Henry


At the moment Marlon is playing the part of Pablo and is also cover of the part of Eddie in the musical Sisteract in Germany produced by Stage-Entertainment.

Mart van den Hout


Most recently Mart was playing the part of 'Koning Louis' in the musical 'Doornroosje'

Evert-Jan Korving

Most recently Ever-Jan was Ensemble/Swing in the musical 'Little Mermaid' produced by Joop van den Ende Theater Producties.

Hans Lemmen


At the moment Hans is playing the ensemble part Butler Franz and is understudy of the part Captain von Trapp in the musical Sound of Music produced by AV Entertainment.

Sjoerd Oomen


At the moment Sjoerd is playing the part of 'Chris' in the musical 'Soldaat van Oranje'.

Ruud van Overdijk


At the moment Ruud is playing the part of Arthur in the musical Arthur, produced by I&L Entertainment.

Vincent Pelupessy


At the moment Vincent is swing in the musical Sisteract, produced by Stage-Entertainment Nederland

Niran Straub


At the moment Niran is one of the Les Cagelles in the musical La Cage Aux Folles in Vienna.
In the summer of 2016 Niran will be playing in the ensemble of Footloose in Amstetten, Austria.

Bas Timmers


Most recently Bas was playing the part of Urobe in the musical Wickie, produced by Studio 100.

Sander Volders


Most recently Sander was Ensemble in the production Raveleijn, in De Efteling.