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At the moment Marlon is playing the part of Pablo and is also cover of the part of Eddie in the musical Sisteract in Germany produced by Stage-Entertainment.

Marlon trained to be a musical artist with:
Singing: Alberto Ter Doest and Jimmy Hutchinson.
Acting : Rick Nicolet, Petra Lasseur and Job Gotschalk
Dancing: Lucia Marthas

Marlon made his musical debut in the musical 'Home', directed by Dick van den Heuvel.(1999).
Other musical credtis include: 'Billie' (2001) directed by Ben Woeltjes, 'Aida' part: 'Mereb' (2001-2003) produced by Stage- Entertainment Holland and (2005-2006) in Germany produced by Stage-Entertainment Germany and 'Tarzan' (2008-2009) ensemble cover 'Tark' produced by Stage- Entertainment Holland. We Will rock you (Ens/us Brit), Miss Saigon (Swing) produced by Stage-Entertainment Holland. At the moment Marlon is playing the part of TJ in the musical Sisteract in the Netherlands produced by Stage-Entertainment Holland. In Germany Marlon played also in Sisteract in which he played the part of Pablo and which he also was understudy of Eddie.

Straight acting credits include: 'Ajax uit Africa', directed by Aram Adriaanse, 'De grondwet', directed by Agaath Witteman (both productions were produced by 'De nieuwe Amsterdam' and 'Hollandse Nieuwe, Skills' directed by Jolanda Spoelman, produced by Cosmic Theaters.

Marlon was a performer on one of the Aida Cruises produced by Seelive Tivoli. (2007-2008).

Marlon was nominated for a John Kraaijkamp Musical Award in 2002, in the catagory ‘Mannelijk Aanstormend Talent’.

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